March 15, 2011
Here are some FAQs About the St. Patrick’s Day Massacre

And by FAQs we mean never been asked but should have.

Q: When is the Massacre?
A: One St. Patrick’s Day (this Thursday) starting at 11pm.

Q: Can teams submit when they arrive at the theatre?
A: Why yes, yes they can. The Pot o Gold will be open for teams just arriving or people that come to hang out, see someone they would like to perform with and create a team right on the spot.

Q: When will my team perform?

A: The show is completely random. All team names will be put in our Pot-O-Gold and drawn on the spot. We will hopefully get through all the teams and end the show around 2am, you know, like when bars close!

Q: How long will we get to perform?

A: 4 minutes. We may shorten it to 3 depending on the amount of teams. After 2 teams perform the audience will vote and the winner will perform again against the next team drawn out of the Pot-O-Gold. In theory, one team could perform ALL NIGHT LONG!!!

Q: What happens if I am the last team standing at the end of the night?
A: The winner of the Massacre will get a full performance slot the following week at The 11th Hour Show with Imaginary Friends and HOT SAUCE. You will also be kissed by an Irish person.

Q: Should I wear green?
A: Of course you should, it’s St. Patrick’s Day!

Q: It is St. Patrick’s Day, will there be beer?
A: YES. And it will be FREE! Our show will be running off of donations, though, so please leave what you can.

Q: Is the show free? I heard the show is free.
A: You heard correct. Again, please donate if you can.

Q: Where can I find more information on this craziness?
A: More information can be found at this post here.

Q: How can I invite my friends to this?
A: There is a Facebook invite up here
Please invite people. It is going to be a mix between a party and a show so it the more the merrier!

Q: Is the night going to be awesome and do you hope it will be followed by the Second Annual and Third Annual?
A: Yes! See you there!